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The College of Arts & Sciences Fund

Make your Gift

Gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences Fund play a crucial role in funding the College’s highest priorities—recruiting and retaining faculty, enhancing student engagement, deepening academic excellence and achieving global impact. Gifts to the Arts and Sciences Fund help shape the experience of nearly every student in the College.

The Arts and Sciences Fund serves as the dean’s unrestricted discretionary fund. These dollars allow the dean to meet unexpected needs and support initiatives as they arise within the College.

Alumni, parents, students and friends of the College help make the work of the Arts and Sciences Fund possible through their generosity. Philanthropy truly makes a difference– and gifts to the Arts and Sciences Fund are essential.

In 2018-2019, the Arts and Sciences Fund…

Sent students to study abroad across the globe

Last year, the Arts and Sciences Fund enabled students to travel to London, Hong Kong, and even the Galapagos, translating their knowledge from the classroom into real-world achievements. Find out more about student travels by searching for #heelsabroad on your favorite social media platform.


Recruited and retained over 100 faculty

Recruiting and retaining top tier teacher-scholars as they are vied for by peer schools is of utmost importance to the College. Our new faculty members are experts in their field and come from all over the country. They range from a former costume designer in New York to a statistics and operations researcher who focuses on search engines and data mining technologies. Excellent teacher-scholars are key to student success. The College is proud to have many distinguished professors who challenge their students to think across disciplinary boundaries. Learn more about some of our new faculty here.


Assisted in funding more than 30 research opportunities

The Arts and Sciences Fund supports and provides resources that allow students and teacher-scholars to make ground-breaking discoveries in the arts, sciences and the humanities. One of the research programs funded by the Arts and Sciences Fund is the Digital Innovation Lab which seeks to promote innovation, interdisciplinary connections, and collaboration around digital teaching, research, and outreach in the arts and humanities.  Read more about it here.